IonCube Loader is a tool, which is needed to run files which are encoded with ionCube PHP Encoder. The aforementioned is an application used to make PHP code human unreadable, to protect it from reverse engineering and not authorized use. Various script-driven applications, particularly forums, content management systems and electronic commerce solutions are protected with ionCube PHP Encoder, so when you obtain a script and you notice that ionCube is among the hosting environment requirements, you should ensure that your web hosting server has the tool pre-installed. Although it is not that hard to set it up if you have your own server, it is almost impossible to do that on a shared hosting server since the PHP environment should be precompiled and all the clients on the server shall be affected.

IonCube in Cloud Website Hosting

IonCube Loader is available on all web servers that are a part of our cloud web hosting platform, which means that regardless of the Linux cloud website hosting service that you pick during the signup process, you will be able to enable it from your Hepsia Control Panel. The process is as easy as right-clicking an On/Off button in the Advanced section, so even if this is your first web hosting account ever, you will not need to do anything complex. The exact same section will allow you to select the PHP release for your account (4, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5), and in case you decide to move to another version, you only need to activate ionCube Loader for it as well. As our platform is flexible, you may even set a different PHP version and a different status of ionCube by employing a php.ini file in each domain folder. In case this is something you would like to do but you don't have much experience, our 24/7 technical support team shall help you within minutes.

IonCube in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Every single semi-dedicated server account that's generated on our modern cloud website hosting platform comes with ionCube Loader support, and you can install any kind of script application that requires the tool. Then use it in order to start and maintain your world wide web presence. You can enable ionCube from the PHP Configuration area of your Control Panel and it'll take you no more than a couple of clicks to do this. The change will take effect instantly, which means that you can go ahead and set up the necessary script in your account. If you choose to change the PHP version which is active for your account, you will have to enable ionCube for the new release too. Our in-house built platform also allows you to have a different PHP release for each and every domain or subdomain, that is done with a php.ini file in every domain folder. In the same way, you're able to enable/disable ionCube Loader for each individual site hosted in your semi-dedicated account.